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For Your Stalking Pleasure

Xena's Temple Warriors

Name: Terpsichore
Rank: Captain
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Hair/Eyes: Auburn/Green
Weapon Specializations: Shortsword and Composite Bow. Also seen using throwing knives.
Known Facts: Has a palomino named Calliope. Known living relatives: father and brother, both farmers. Enjoys ale, honeyed bread, and sneaking through treetops. Owns a satchel of unknown depth and volume. Does not like cannibals, ruining her good boots, or being shot at.

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Dossier and Miscellany


Terpsi[suffix]. Jen #2. Lightning. Crispy.
Special Agent Misfit Mrs. Captain J.V. Wincest
The Muse of Dance The Duchess of Innuendo

The Girl Is: An aspiring wordsmith. Philandering with alliteration. Known to do ridiculous things in the name of Aphrodite. Unable to settle on one hair colour. A frantic quoter of song lyrics. Discreetly transparent. Queerer than a three dollar bill. An exceedingly English American. Singing and dancing at random intervals. Born a few years too late. Enraptured by the paradox of the human condition.

Currently Fixated On:
Sarah Kerrigan, cheese fondue, drawing on herself, instrumental soundtracks, and finding new uses for her smartphone.


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